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Top 10 Bangladeshi Actress: Most Beautiful, Famous & Sexy [ 2019 ]

Top 10 Bangladeshi Actress are ranked in “Dhallywood” at present. Bangladeshi film was created many famous actresses in the past. But time of the passes, they have lost their butterfly days from the “Dhallywood” world. And at this moment, Dhaka film industries have got some talented and so beautiful actresses for the modern audience. However, we have some smart, beautiful, slimy, and talented actresses in Bangladesh film industry.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Actress

Now we are going to disclose about the top ten actresses list of Bangladesh bellow.

From our research of popularity of Bangladeshi film, we have made a list top ten to one.

10. Amrita Khan

Yet Amrita khan is now so much popular in Bangladeshi movies audience. She is one of the most beautiful and sexy model for Bangla film. She is known as model to the Bangla movie audience than actress or heroin. Therefore, we keep her ten numbers according to our research.

bangladeshi actress

9. Alisha Prodhan

Alisha Prodhan is one of the slim and cut actresses in Bangladeshi film. But in recent years she has acted few films. And her some movies are waiting for releasing in future.

bangladeshi actress

8. Airin Sultana

Airin Sultana is another sexy and cut girl in Bangladeshi film. Already we have come to know that about her, she acted some movies. And her few movies have released in Bangladesh such as Bhalobash Zindabad and Cheleti Abol tabol Meyeti Pagol Pagol.

bangladeshi actress

7. Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

We know that she is the most attractive and sexy actresses for Bangla Film. From several years she cats with this film. She is a talented, cut, beautiful and great actress for movies and dramas.

bangladeshi actress

6. Nustat Faria

Among the top 10 Bangladeshi actress, her number is six. She is a talented newcomer actress for Bangla and India Bangla film. She has acted in some movies with both countries.

bangladeshi actress

5. Apu Biswas

She is most popular actress in Bangladeshi film. She is beautiful and skillful heroin in this industry. From many years she has acted with superstar hero Shakib Khan with great reputation.

bangladeshi actress

4. Achol

She is a new and very popular heroin in Bangladesh. She has sexy figure and beautiful face that like present audience of Bangla film. She will lead the Bangla film in future, we believe it.

bangladeshi actress

3. Pori Moni

She is looking like innocent actress. She has heavy talented and sexy girls for Bangla movies. She is the most attractive lady and heroin for next generation. The Bangla film can dream for her.

bangladeshi actress

2. Eamin Haque Bobby

In the top 10 Bangladeshi actresses she is acquired the two numbers. She is sexy, spicy and most attractive actress for Bangladeshi audience.

bangladeshi actress

1. Mahiya Mahi

Number one! yes, Mahiya mahi is the number one from the top 10 Bangladeshi actresses. She is the present queen of Dhaka film. She is sexy, slimy, attractive and also talented actress in Dhaka film industry. There is no doubt who will lead the Dhaka Film in future she is one of them.

bangladeshi actress

At the end, we can say that these Bangladeshi film actresses are talented and sexy that has brought them in the top 10 Bangladeshi actresses.

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