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Bangladesh Map

Bangladesh is located in South Asia. latitude and longitude of Bangladesh are 23.7000° N, 90.3500° E. Bangladesh is bordered by India and  Myanmar. Area of Bangladesh is 56,977 sq mile, 6.4% of the total area is water. Estimated population of Bangladesh is 168,957,745.

Bangladesh earned independence in 1971. The economy of Bangladesh is mainly dominated by agriculture. Though dependency on agriculture is decreasing day by day.

The country is full of natural resources. Main natural resources are- natural gas, coal, timber etc.

Major industries of Bangladesh are Textiles, Jute, Leather, Paper etc. Bangladesh is making consistent and steady economic progress despite being hit by natural disasters on a regular interval.

History of Bangladesh Map

Current Bangladesh Map took shape during the partition of 1947. It was known as East Pakistan then. Before then, it was part of Bengal region, a portion of Indian subcontinent. Map of this region changed several times over its long history of thousand years. The region was ruled by Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Empire, Pala Empire, Chandra Dynasty, Sen Dynasty, Deva Dynasty, Khilji dynasty, Mughal Empire and different Kings, Nawabs, Sultans and Governors over this period of time. In 1757, the region became part of British Empire. Just like other parts of Indian Subcontinent, Bengal was ruled by the British for almost 200 years.

In 1947, Whole Indian subcontinent was divided into two countries based on religion. Bengal became part of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. Other part of Pakistan was known as West Pakistn.

But, that didn’t work out well. There were cultural and language difference between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. East Pakistan was deprived in every sector. East Pakistanis were treated as minorities. Business, Politics, Service, Sports; everything was controlled by East Pakistan. Friction raised day bay day. Ultimately, in 1971, East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan after 9 months battle. A country named Bangladesh was born as a result of this battle.

Bangladesh suffered some major setbacks after the liberation. Yet, the country made praiseworthy progress.

Change in Bangladesh Map

Bangladesh and India recently resolved disputes between themselves regarding 162 enclaves. They also resolved issues regarding 6.5km of un-demarcated border. Hence, some changes came into Bangladesh map. Map of Bangladesh was changed for the first time in 68 years, and of course, first time after independence.

Fact about Bangladesh Map

James Rennell, known as Father of Indian geography, first made the map of Bangladesh. it was an incredible attempt. James Rennell single-handedly made the map of Indian subcontinent.

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