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Bangladesh is a south Asian country with a total area of 1, 47,570 kilometers where 130,168 square kilometers cover land and 13,830 square kilometers water. It is the 96th largest nation in the world. In 1947, the country became independent from the United Kingdom, one day later; the country became part of Pakistan during the India-Pakistan partition. Bangladesh became free from Pakistan by the nine-month bloody war on 16 December 1971.

Bangladesh is the evince beauty of nature, the country is a wonder of the world, it has large population density. Now, the country is regarded rising economy around the world and the development of other sector increasing in all indexes like cuts of women discrimination. Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world, having largest agriculture land, most of the people of the country are the farmer that’s why it has the own food production capacity for the country’s large population.

Ethnically most of the people of the country are Bengali and in religious Muslim. The country has 168,957,745 people that make the country as a most populated density country in the world. Bangladesh located in the continent of Asia, bordered by the Bay of Bengali in the east and west, India in the north while Myanmar in the south. It is the eight populated country in the world and fourth populated Muslim country in the Muslim world after Indonesia, Pakistan and India. In per square kilometer 1238 people live that is highest living population density in the world. India and Myanmar are the two neighbor countries; India occupies most of the border area of Bangladesh and rest of the Myanmar. Bangladesh divided into seven administrative divisions that are divided into district and district into Upazila. The dialing code of Bangladesh is 880 and the currency of the country is taka (BDT).

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