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Chittagong To Dhaka Train

Are you willing to travel dhaka-chittagong? Then you have to travel in Chittagong to Dhaka train. The train details are important to know before you make a tour. So you have to follow a guide which will assist you a lot. From the guide you can learn about train schedule, ticket fares, ticket booking ideas.

Chittagong To Dhaka Train
Chittagong To Dhaka Train Images

On the off chance that you like to go in intercity city train, you should visit counters. The intercity Chittagong to Dhaka train flight the stations time to time. Bangladesh railroad has made a particular time outline of leaving trains. While visiting from dhaka, you ought to have the train calendar of dhaka to Chittagong.

Use Road : Chittagong-Dhaka railway
Time: 5h 21 min(Via Railway N1)
Distance: Distance between Chittagong and Dhaka is 250.9 km.

Chittagong to Dhaka Intercity Train

Subarna Express
Train Number: 701
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 7.00am
Arrival Time: 12.10pm
Off-day: Monday

Mahanagar Godhuli
Train Number: 703
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 3.00PM
Arrival Time: 9.10PM
Off-day: NA

Mahanagar Provati
Train Number: 721
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 12.30pm
Arrival Time: 7.00pm
Off-day: Sunday

Turna Express
Train Number: 741
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 11.00PM
Arrival Time: 5.25AM
Off-day: NA

Sonar Bangla Express
Train Number: 787
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 5.00PM
Arrival Time: 10.10PM
Off-day: Tuesday

Chittagong to Dhaka Mail/Express Train

Dhaka Mail
Train Number: 001
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 5.00PM
Arrival Time: 6.55PM
Off-day: NA

Karnaphuli Express
Train Number: 003
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 10.00PM
Arrival Time: 7.45PM
Off-day: NA

Chattala Express
Train Number: 067
Route: Dhaka-Chittagong
Departure Time: 8.15PM
Arrival Time: 3.45PM
Off-day: Tuesday

What times intercity & express train schedule?

The intercity and express Chittagong to Dhaka train is scheduled properly. So the train maintain time table before its departure and arrival.

Route & Fare this train?

The average fare of all the Chittagong to dhaka trains are not more than 550BDT.

Type Of service This Transport!

In different trains you get different facilities. Such as ac and chair coach facilities are available in high ticket pricing trains.

How to buy ticket step by step guide?

Ticket can be booked from the railway stations near you. In Chittagong you can map the railway stations for booking tickets.

Why Chose this Train Services?

Train is faster than bus and it can carry large number of passengers. So people who visit dhaka choose train service.

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