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Dhaka To Comilla Train: Online Ticket Price & Shudule

Do you want travelling in dhaka to comilla train? Then you should know the rules of travelling in comilla train. In this regard, you can follow a complete guide of travelling. The guide will provide you details of trains. You can learn about ticket prices of comilla train. Again you will know about train time schedules.

Dhaka To Comilla Train
Dhaka To Comilla Train Images

Use Road : dhaka-comilla railway
Time: 1h 75 min(Via Railway/Comilla railways)
Distance: Distance between Dhaka and Comilla is 84KM.

Dhaka To Comilla Train Services

There are two types of train services on going in comilla. From dhaka passengers and products are sent to comilla. Passengers travel in dhaka to comilla train which is known as intercity train. The products and parcels are sent in mail/express trains of comilla routes. Here is given below a list of train names for you:

Mahanagar Godhuli
Route: Dhaka-Comilla
Departure Time: 7.45pm
Arrival Time: 11.00am
Off-day: NA

Mahanagar Express
Route: Dhaka-Comilla
Departure Time: 3.19pm
Arrival Time: 11.00am
Off-day: Sunday

Upakul Express
Route: Dhaka-Comilla
Departure Time: 1.00am
Arrival Time: 12.52pm
Off-day: Wednesday

Ticket Fare & Routes

The tickets of trains are always fixed by Bangladesh railway. So passengers who always travel in train don’t need to worry about ticket fares. In bus the companies change their ticket fares time to time. But it is never possible to do for train. So you can just think of traveling in train. The routes are also common of comilla train. The main route of dhaka to comilla train is Chittagong railway. Here is given below the list of ticket fares:

Types of Services Ticket Fares In BDT
AC Berth 702 BDT
AC Seat 466 BDT
Snigdha 391 BDT
1st Class Berth 405 BDT
1st Class Seat 270 BDT
Shovon Chair 205 BDT
Shovon 170 BDT
Sulov 105 BDT
Commuter 85 BDT
2nd Class Mail 70 BDT

Step by step guide to book train tickets?

Booking train ticket is not as much difficult as bus. You can book it from different counters of dhaka. The most popular counters are Kamalapur, Tejgoan, Airport. Even you can book your ticket from online or using apps in your mobile phone. Ticket prices can be found in govt. travel websites.

Why choose this train service?

At the end of everything you should have in mind why you travel in dhaka to comilla train. These trains will give you proper safety and comfort in journey. You can reach at your destination without any hesitation.

Why should you visit Comilla in train?

There are many types of vehicles to travel comilla. But when you need an emergency journey, you have no alternative of train. In train journey you will get breaks in the stations. Again you can reach at home without any traffic. The speed of train will take you to your destination in time. The place comilla can be enjoyed in train journey. Even the fare amount in dhaka to comilla train is also very low than others.

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