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Dhaka To Kishoreganj Train: Online Ticket Price & Shudule

Don’t you know how to make a trip on dhaka to Kishoreganj train? If you don’t know anything about that you can follow a guide for that. This guide will make your travel safe and easy. You can save money and time both at a time. There you will find ideas of ticket booking, finding counter contacts and addresses.

Dhaka To Kishoreganj Train
Dhaka To Kishoreganj Train Images

Use Road : Dhaka-Kishoreganj railway 108.8KM
Time: 2h 55 min(Via Kishoreganj Highway)
Distance: Dhaka- Kishoreganj distance is 108.8KM.

Dhaka To Kishoreganj Train Services

On the train you can reach kishoreganj from dhaka very easily. Travel from Dhaka to Kishoreganj train can be made easy. The route is mainly operated on Khulna railway track. There are two types of trains in Dhaka. You can get train service in Dhaka city counters. Train Counter Kamalpur Railway Station, Tejgaon and Airport There are detailed lists of Dhaka in Kishoreganj train services:

Egaro Sindhur Provati
Route: Dhaka-Kishoreganj
Departure Time: 6.50am
Arrival Time: 10.50pm
Off-day: NA

Egaro Sindhur Godhuli
Route: Dhaka-Kishoreganj
Departure Time: 12.30am
Arrival Time: 6.35pm
Off-day: Wednesday

Kishoreganj Express
Route: Dhaka-Kishoreganj
Departure Time: 4.40am
Arrival Time: 8.30pm
Off-day: Friday

Routes & Ticket Fares

Kishoreganj railway line from Dhaka is about 108 km. Again train ticket is less than other vehicles. It’s just for small way and having a rental driving line. Train ticket fare increases only in the festival season. Eid-ul-Fitre or Eid ul-Azhar ticket prices remain high. Here is the list of ticket prices for dhaka to kishoreganj train:

Stoppage Station Ticket Price
Narsingdi Shovon General : 55/=

Shovon Chair : 65/=

First Seat: 85/=

Bhairab Bazar Shovon General : 80/=

Shovon Chair : 95/=

First Seat: 125/=

Kuliarchar Shovon General : 95/=

Shovon Chair : 110/=

First Seat: 150/=

Bajitpur Shovon General : 95/=

Shovon Chair : 115/=

First Seat: 155/=

Sararchar Shovon General : 100/=

Shovon Chair : 120/=

First Seat: 155/=

Manik Khali Shovon General : 105/=

Shovon Chair : 125/=

First Seat: 170/=

Gachihata Shovon General : 110/=

Shovon Chair : 130/=

First Seat: 175/=

Kishoreganj Shovon General : 120/=

Shovon Chair : 140/=

First Seat: 185/=

Type Of services This Route Trains

Actually dhaka to kishoreganj trains are mainly used for carrying passengers. There are only a few mail and express trains. In this route most of the passengers communicate. They travel for business or tour purposes. So this route has given extraordinary and comfortable service to their passengers.

How to buy ticket step by step guide?

You can buy tickets of this train service step by step from online. If you don’t know use of internet, you have better to go to dhaka to kishoreganj train counters. From there you can easily book tickets for train.

Why Chose this Train Services?

People who are from kishoreganj must be choosing this train service. They don’t find buses perfect for the journey. Again train fare is always less than the bus. So they find train services of this routes awesome.

Why you should visit Kishoreganj in train?

There are many ways to travel Kishoreganj but why do you choose the train? You may not know that the train takes a little time to cross the long distance. So you decided to travel to Kishoreganj train in Dhaka. The train of Dhaka route will take you to Kishoreganj. Kishoreganj can be enjoyed on the train journey. You can reach your destination by train at cheap fares.

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