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Independence Day (মহান স্বাধীনতা দিবস) Of Bangladesh

of other countries. Most of the countries of the world had to face explosion of other countries. After a great struggling war they got their independence back. The countries are now called country of free nation.

When is Bangladesh Independence Day?

Bangladesh got their independence in 26 March 1971. Bangladeshi People fought against West-Pakistan and got their independence back in the same time.

Bangladesh Independence Day History

Before 26 March of 1971 Seikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Independence Day. He was the glory of Bangladesh because he was not afraid of the Pakistani rulers. After the declaration of independence a war began between the force of Seikh Mujib and guerilla. Then the nation of Bangladesh took part in independence war and became a separated country from Pakistan.

Independence Day of Bangladesh Pragraph

Independence Day is a critical day ever. In the same way as other pleased countries on the planet Bangladeshi individuals have likewise an Independence Day which is seen on 26th March and it is additionally an open holiday in Bangladesh. It recognizes the nation’s statement of independence from Pakistan in the late hours of 25 March 1971. Amid the early hours of 26 March 1971, the independence of Bangladesh was proclaimed by Bongobondhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman and the guerilla battle officially started.

The general population of then independence pronounced Bangladesh partook in this war to be a different country free from Pakistan. Independence for Bangladesh was increased through a nine-month guerrilla war against the Pakistan Army, and their partners are known as Razakars in Bangla which brought about the loss of around 3 million lives. The Bangladesh Forces, later with military help from USSR and India, vanquished the Pakistan Army finishing the war on 16 December of that year.

Also, Independence Day is usually connected with parades, political discourses, fairs, shows, functions and different other open and private occasions commending the history and customs of Bangladesh. Television and radio stations communicate uncommon projects and devoted tunes to pay tribute to the Independence Day. By and large, a thirty-one weapon salute is led toward the beginning of the day. The principle lanes are adorned with national banners. Distinctive political gatherings and financial associations attempt programs.

Independence Day Traditions and Activities

On Independence Day Bangladeshi people adjourn the whole area or street with flags. The education institutions and working sectors remain closed for govt. holiday. People come out of house with flowers and wear different colorful dresses. Some wear the dress of Bangladesh map where it is written “26 March Bijoy Dibos”

How is Bangladesh Independence Day celebrated?

On 26 March all the govt. activities remain closed. In school, colleges and universities students sing traditional or independence songs of the country. Again they do some drama acts based on the history of independence.

Independence Award

Prof Dr AHM Touhidul Anowar Chowdhury received the award for his outstanding contributions in medical science, while Begum Rabeya Khatun and late Golam Samdani Koraishi in literature, Prof Dr Enamul Huque and Ostad Bazlur Rahman Badal in culture, Khalil Kazi OBE in social service, Shamsuzzaman Khan late Prof Dr Lalit Mohan Nath in research and training and Prof Mohammad Asaduzzaman in public administration.

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