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Probashi Kallyan Bank Bangladesh

Probashi Kallyan Bank is known as a state-owned bank in Bangladesh. It is also a non-resident institution of Bangladesh of financial dealings. This probashi kallyan bank has been organized according to the govt. rules and regulations. It has has been established to make people satisfied with loan who are needed finance.  
Immediately after the independence of Bangladesh, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expanded government functions and initiatives by establishing Probashi Kallyan Bank Directorate under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure welfare of foreigners abroad.
The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has established the expatriate welfare bank through the expatriate welfare bank Act-2010, with the aim of promoting the overall welfare of the immigrants, encouraged by the thoughts and feelings of the Father of the Nation. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the bank on April 20, 2011 during the 4th conference of Colombo Process in Dhaka. Then we the generation citizes of this country got probashi kallyan bank as gift from our president.

Probashi Kallyan Bank Loan System

This probashi Kallan Bank has two types of loan system for customers and they are:
  • The initial eligibility for obtaining an immigration loan:
  • If you get a visa for employment abroad, through your close relatives or employer.
  • Applicants should provide photocopies and mobile numbers for Visa / Visa Visa 02 copies (for visa verification). The visa will be informed through the phone / SMS from the bank on the 03 (three) working days.
  • In your absence, you will be responsible for paying the dues of your nearest public bank.
  • Rehabilitation Loan(Primary eligibility for getting loan):
  • For receiving rehabilitation loans, the applicant must be foreign entrepreneur and his legal paper should be.
  • To receive rehabilitation loan, applicant must apply within 05 (five) years of exodus.
  • Applicants’ valid business or project must be initialized after initialization. 

Probashi Kallyan Bank Bd

So far, 28340 migrant workers have been given immigrant loans by the establishment of Probashi Kallyan bank. The bank sanctioned migration loans in just 3 days, while backing up a significant number of workers in the workforce by providing rehabilitation loans to foreign workers. In most cases the bank officials attend the applicant’s house and complete all formalities for the loan. Probashi Kallyan bank has been running its activities through 54 branches in different districts of the country. 
In the next 01 years, there are plans to open bank branches in all districts of the country. The main branch of the bank collects registration fees, smartcard fees and wage earners welfare fees from around 2000 foreign workers. The probashi kallyan bank has started online banking activities since January 2014. Because the existing banking system is not available, the expatriate workers transfer money by illegal means. In order to ensure that the immigrants get quick, accurate and professional services and start remittance, there is a process of starting limited commercial activities.

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Probashi Kallyan Branch Address And Contact Number

Mr. Israt Jahan(Manager)(Main Branch)
71-72, Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka-1000
Phone: + 88-0-8321878 Mobile: + 88-01700-70700
E-mail: principalbranch@pkb.gov.bd

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